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Goanna Telemetry Systems is company owned by a group of agronomists, electronics engineers and computer programmers that are developing sensing equipment for agricultural applications. The vision is to produce monitoring devices to aid farmers in monitoring the weather and the condition of their crops to enable them to be more efficient. The devices need to be economical and practical and the data should be presented in an easy to understand format and be available wherever required.

Goanna currently has a range of weather stations that are connected to the Next G network and can send data back to central server for display on internet browsers and mobile phone devices. Users can look at live weather data from these stations wherever they can get an internet service.

Goanna’s electrical capacitance soil moisture probes can monitor the in crop soil moisture profile of a crop and report back to the server to enable the user to view live soil moisture data. This enables them to calculate irrigation timings and to monitor soil conditions such as compaction layers or poor root development.

Large farms can now monitor the rainfall amounts at various sites around the farm using remote rain gauge devices. These report back to the nearest weather station and give a better idea of the rainfall around the farm.

Access your Data

If you need to access data from the database you first need to register. Look up to the right hand top corner of the screen and click on the "Register" button. Fill in you name and contact details. You then need to contact the owner of the devices you want to access and ask them to give you permission to view or access their data.

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