Nimbus Moisture Probes
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Soil Moisture Probes

These devices use electro capacitance sensors to monitor the soil moisture of the full root zone in all your cropping situations. They enable you to schedule irrigations in advance, measure water use efficiency and diagnose soil problems such as compaction and deep soil water loss. More...

Nimbus Remote Rain Gauges
remote rain gauge
Remote Rain Gauges

A stand-alone device that is used to measures rainfall in remote areas. It is designed to be operated in conjunction with a weather station so that you can monitor the variability of rainfall across your property. More...

Hydra Dam Monitors
dam unit
Dam Monitors

Our Dam Monitor unit provides hourly updated reports on the current volume in your storage. From this data it is possible to calculate how much water you gathered from a storm or how much you used in an irrigation cycle. More...

Hyrda Mace Monitors
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MACE Monitors

Our MACE monitor units enable live feedback of the flow from your pumping systems or channels. We have linked to the popular mace meter to allow you to receive up to date flow information wherever you may be. More...

Weather Stations

Goanna Telemetry provides two distinct models of Weather Station. Both of which provide data updated at 10 minute intervals including , air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, barometric pressure, delta T, dew point, soil temperature (optional), and solar radiation (optional).

Our Nimbus Weather Station is the more affordable option. Utilising Next G technology to provide regularly updated information at 10 minute intervals directly to our database and website.

Our Cumulus Weather Station is the complete package. It has the ability to not only provide valuable meteorological data regularly but it can also act as a base station for moisture probe units utilising UHF radio. This is particularly useful in areas where Next G range is limited and therefore unsuitable for our Next G moisture probe units. 

All weather stations have the following qualities:

  • Designed and built to last a lifetime
  • High quality sensors for accuracy
  • Solar powered for location anywhere
  • Scheduled maintenance programs for reliability
  • Easy Data access through the Next G™ Network
  • Competitively priced for affordability 
  • More.....
Product Overview

Goanna Telemetry manufacture a series of devices that can monitor a range of on farm parameters. These include weather stations, soil moisture probes, remote rain gauges, storage monitors and Mace meter monitors. All of our devices upload data directly to this website for ease of use and accessibility. The website has been specifically designed for use on mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. This gives the user access the the latest data, no matter their location. All analysis and graphical representation can be achieved on this website as well making this website is a one-stop-shop for all your remote sensing needs.

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