Our Mace Meter Monitor takes water monitoring to the next level. This unit can provide up-to-date information including total flow, current flow rate, velocity and amount pumped since midnight. The unit can also provide valuable weather information such as rainfall. 

The Mace Meter Monitor is designed to work in conjunction with our Dam Monitor Unit. This provides data regarding water flow in and out of the dam and the current dam height. This data can then be analysed to determine volume applied to the field, volume returned to the dam, volume loss due to evaporation and loss due to seepage. This means that your water use efficiency for the whole property can easily be calculated using up to date and accurate information.     

The Mace Meter is watertight, crushproof and dust proof. This ensures reliable data recording and long unit life. The data collected is uploaded to our server, which displays the data online on the website.  

We use only the highest, research quality instruments and offer a maintenance schedule to ensure the accuracy, reliability and long life of all equipment. Goanna technicians are continually improving the units and can add additional devices, new sensors etc. to suit your specific needs.

Information gathered from Goanna Telemetry Units is uploaded at specific intervals to the central data server via UHF radio or Next G™ modem. The server then takes the data and presents it online in an easily accessible and practical format. If you are within Next G range it is just a matter of adding a Mace Webcomm Card into your existing mace unit in order to get mobile access to your data.  

mace unit on river pump
mace webcomm card
mace box